Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lazada: Intuitive website design that takes your online shopping to another level

In terms of choosing and liking websites, I got this passionate proclivity toward less complex aesthetics. That was the main reason why I got easily hooked with Lazada I really totally absolutely dig’s  
Unpretentious design, you will find none of that affected, grandiose, flamboyantly ridiculous spectacle of visuals that attacks your sanity with vicious intensity. What you get is a very relaxing and tranquil design that not only relaxes your eyes but centers your entire being as well (it sounds surreal but that is  how I feel about it when I browse around the Lazada website there’s always that Zen thing that I couldn’t really explain no matter how I badly wanted to). Anyway when it comes to all around usability I would say that this website will delight even the most antiquated person there is. Of course when I say antiquated it means someone who is not technologically all clued up but has the basic acuities to perform menial computer tasks such as basic typing and mouse clicking. To further expound on that thought let me share how my pops (my grandpa) learned how to use it in under a day of tutorial and walk through. I simply instructed him to just follow whatever the links says and that if the link s active then it means it will lead him to another page. It was so easy because what you see is what you get. You click on the link that says go to shopping cart and that’s where it’s going to lead you. There are no complicated and confusing information on the website. Plus it was absolutely very easy to open up an account. All you got to do is put in your email address and other information such as physical address to create your own Lazada Philippines username and that’s it. My grand pop even created one for my grandma which he took so much delight in doing. I could see his eyes light up at the prospect of learning something technologically new.

The website itself is very dynamic and seems updated on a regular basis. It is very well maintained, not that I am one hundred percent sure that it is regularly maintained but I said that because I never ran into system downtimes or errors whenever I am browsing. Everything is always smooth and working like the links and other stuff on the website. The color combination is also neat and eye friendly. The blue and white combo is pretty familiar like how it is on social networking sites. The items are also very organized and provide clear descriptions like the product specs, dimensions etc. that are very helpful especially if you are purchasing a gadget. The best feature that I like is the capability to write a consumer review of the product being sold on the website pretty much like how it is in where consumers who purchased items can provide a quick insight on what they really think about the product they purchased which is awesome in my opinion. Lazada is definitely the top online shopping website on my list. If you haven’t visited it yet I suggest you do because it is definitely worth it. 

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