Sunday, May 19, 2013

Lazada PH: Trusting an online mall in the Philippines

We usually rely on someone or something we trust. It’s only natural for any person to feel that way. Also, having the sure advantage over something gives us the confidence to pursue something that is still not 100% sure thing. People will always love to have the upper hand for any situation. The same goes for selection of stores. We naturally decide based from what we think offers the best option for us. As for comparing offline shopping to online shopping. Both share positives and negatives. It’s up to the customers on which they will favor to. Actually, online shopping had just made an impact in the country just last year. I know! Online shopping was already happening in other countries since the mid 2000. Bot for Philippines, Ecommerce struggled up until last year. The same time Ecommerce website like Lazada was launched.

They are basically an online shopping mall offering huge selections parallel to what a typical online offers on traditional offline malls. The only difference it brings is that shopping on online malls are far convenient than when you visit a traditional mall just to satisfy your shopping needs. Lazada stood out the competition thru their overall service. Mainly there offered various friendly payment methods and free shopping availability, which is rare for an online store. Their introduced and featured Cash on Delivery or C.O.D. allowed any online users to become online customers even if they don’t own a credit card or Paypal accounts. Conventionally, credit cards and Paypal accounts are used to conduct online transactions to an online store. They even require customers to pay up front before they shipped their orders. These made it harder for Filipinos to trust online malls in general, as they deliver the order. It also doesn’t help that majority of the population are not credit card or Paypal owners.

Hence, setting aside the C.O.D. availability only a few can proceed to an online transaction. What makes it worse is that not all of the credit card or Paypal owners would instantly buy from an online store. This is where credibility and reliability plays a big factor. Trust is one of the main reasons why a person would prefer online shopping to traditional offline shopping. But with Lazada Online Shop, since they offer Cash on Delivery, it eliminates the trust factor and limitation to pay online. Any online user can visit their website and shop on their website. They just need to select any item they want and order it online. All they have to do is leave their preferred shipment address. No need to pay them up front as they can get to keep their money on their pockets up until they receive their orders, which is handed over to them in real time. All it takes is 2-5 days of delivery processing. Although, there are some reviews by their previous customers who received their orders earlier than 2 to 5 days. Some even received it within the day, which is astounding.

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