Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Purpose beyond just selling online

Internet usage has tremendously changed for all of us. Not to mention it became part of the lifestyle of this modern digital era. Don't we realize that we are now slowly going to the digital era where most of our offline activities can now be done online as well? It's only a matter of time when everyone is in the digital mode since the young generation will eventually take over. As a result, the Internet demands will surely get higher more than ever. The growth of Internet usage is usually accompanied with the growth of our technology as well. In the past, Internet can only accessed via computers. Laptops then came along and made it even more convenient for us.

But nowadays, we can even connect online using our smartphones. By having these device options, it helped the Ecommerce rise in the Philippines.  WiFi's are now available in public areas. Connecting is way easier now than before. At the rate we are going, it is safe to say the population of the online user will further grow. It is the reason why Ecommerce has more significant impact now in the Philippines than before. Now that online users are more online, it makes it a great opportunity for business owners to consider online. Lazada Mall came in and changed how online shopping was considered not only because of what they can offer but also to give ultimate only shopping customers. What they offered is beyond and typical online store where they only focused on how to get sales but also to provide entire online shopping experience. It wasn't long ago when online shopping was not highly thought ff. This all changed when the Philippines Online Shopping Mall came in and introduced a very unconventional payment method. Which allows anyone to become customers regardless of the situation.

Conventionally, online transactions are done via credit cards.On the other hand, Lazada allows other payment methods from their website. They actually allow cash as form of payment. Besides that, they are even not required to pay upfront, which is the usual setup between an online store and s customer. All they need to do is leave their shipment address and pay only after the customers receive their orders right in front of their house. Honestly, besides having these advantages, which is great.
What I like the most about their lazada.com.ph website is their user friendliness. Not all online malls offer the level of user friendliness that they offer. I’m pretty sure anyone who visits their website for the first time won’t have an issue understanding how it works. Despite being loaded heavy images since they are an Ecommerce website, it still manage to load decently. I even like how their website is organized, allowing their customers to have best website browsing experience as they shop from their store. Unlike other online stores where they give their customers are hard time shopping on their website since it is very cluttered.           

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