Monday, January 28, 2013

Superb delivery service from Lazada- A Review

I am so tired of having to talk with customer service personnel over the phone to complain about the same exact thing. It’s either the toaster’s not working properly or the curling iron isn’t heating up well. Those instances are the very reason why it is essential to know which companies, stores, brands, or sites to trust. I’m not being pessimistic here but I always think of the aftermath when I buy. One of my concerns is good service. If I don’t think the personnel is approachable or accommodating regardless if I have purchased something or not already, I skip to the next store and disregard whatever it is I liked in their shop. It’s not arrogance. It’s more of me just prioritizing and having my interests a priority above everything else. Because no shoes or makeup is worth stressing over if at the end of the day, every person around me will get in my nerve. You’re the customer and you have every right to demand for what you think you deserve.

 The problem is the Philippines lowered the standards of everyone, buyer or seller making bad service a valid excuse. When in reality, this is unacceptable. I highly require standards not just in work but in everything I do. I am never late and I present myself with utmost presence that demands respect. In return, I speak with them the same way I want to be spoken to. One of the websites that just started in the Philippines I admire is Lazada Philippines. It is owned by Rocket Internet, a German online venture builder with numerous other ecommerce sites launched in over 5 continents. They abide by an international standard that is apparent in their work and production. I have only had two purchases in this site and each time was problem free. I made use of my company credit card to purchase something for an orientation we were holding back then for the benefits of a recently devastating typhoon disaster. Before everything, I double checked if they were approved by any award giving body to make sure that the personal details I was giving out wouldn’t fall in the wrong hands. I also checked for the validity of their Department of Trade & Industry license. I don’t usually go that far but the situation called for it because it was the company’s financial assets I’m working for that would get into trouble if all else turned sour.

 I called up customer service after and contacted a friend who works in the company to put me in the priority list. It was crucial for me to know the whereabouts of my order/s so that I could manage my time better. I needed to inform the desk who will be receiving the package ahead of time so not to experience any inconveniences on my behalf. Before the delivery occurred, I received a call from customer service informing me of the time and date they would be arriving. I commend their great customer service because given how Filipinos are very impatient when it comes to nagging customers, they handled me very well.

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  1. Lazada's customer service people are professionals so they really should be patient and accommodating. The same goes for other businesses' customer service reps, too.